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12 Feb
Brexit uncertainty could delay next rate hike, McCafferty says

Brexit's approach and its potential negative impact in confidence may knock test the Bank of England's rate hike plans, a top official said.

12 Feb
Contradictory reports on Zuma's resignation

South African president Jacob Zuma has agreed to be recalled, with African National Congress officials said to be negotiating the manner in which it is to be communicated.

12 Feb
George Soros nueva
George Soros donates an extra £100,000 to pro-EU campaign

George Soros has pledged a further £100,000 to Best of Britain, an anti-Brexit campaign fighting to keep the UK in the European Union, in answer to criticism of his previous donation to the group (£400,000).

12 Feb
belfast city hall northern ireland
Theresa May to meet Irish PM in hopes of Northern Irish accord breakthrough

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and Theresa May are set to meet in Belfast on Monday to break the deadlock around crafting a power-sharing administration in Northern Ireland.

12 Feb
Chinese loan growth beats forecasts in January

Chinese bank lending picked up sharply at the start of the year, but some economists cautioned about reading too much into the data due to distortions from seasonal effects, pointing out signs of a slowdown evident in broader measures of credit growth.

12 Feb
ep ibm blockchain
African Potash becomes Block Commodities after pivot to blockchain

A small mining exploration company in London has changed its name to Block Commodities as it pivots from fertiliser to blockchain technology.

12 Feb
Vlieghe sees 'huge uncertainty' around path for interest rates

Bank of England policymaker Gertjan Vlieghe set out reasons why he has become increasingly hawkish over interest rates.

12 Feb
Mike Pence Vicepresidente Estados Unidos
US is open to talks with North Korea, says Pence

The United States and South Korea have agreed to terms regarding further diplomatic engagement with North Korea, according to US vice president Mike Pence who said that talks between Seoul and Pyongyang could eventually link Washington with the rogue nation.