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Legal Notice

  • The financial portals and
  • And the rest of websites that belong to WFG Vortex Solutions S.L
  • All of these websites will be hereinafter referred as “WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites”.

Its use confers user status on the visitor, which implies agreement with and a commitment to fulfill each and every one of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice, in the version published at the time of access; hence, we recommend that users read this Legal Notice carefully every time they log onto WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites. This Legal Notice will be valid regardless of the existence of other specific conditions applicable to certain services that are provided on WebFG's websites.

Website Owner's Identification Details

WFG Vortex Solutions S.L registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid Volume 42236, Page 1, Sheet M-747739, CIF B-06944003, address: Avenida de Bruselas, 20, 28108 Alcobendas – Madrid (Spain), tel. +34914175350, email: [email protected]

Terms and Conditions of Use

The terms and conditions set down in this Legal Notice will be applicable to all of the pages contained in WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites. Access to WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites is the users’ exclusive responsibility and entails acceptance of these terms and conditions of use. The use of certain services will also imply the acceptance, without reservation, of the particular rules or instructions that WFG Vortex Solutions S.L may establish at any time with a specific, substitute or complementary character to the present general conditions.The User must make lawful use of WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites and their services in accordance with these terms, conditions of use and with applicable laws and regulations.

WFG Vortex Solutions S.L may unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of use of WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites by posting them in this Legal Notice and they will become effective immediately following their publication.


WFG Vortex Solutions S.L does not assume any liability for nor warrants the that the access to the Website will be uninterrupted nor error-free. Neither is it responsible for nor warrants that the contents and software that can be accessed through WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites are free from error or harmless. Under no circumstances will WFG Vortex Solutions S.L be liable for any losses, damage or harm of any kind arising from accessing or browsing WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites, including but not limited to those caused by the computer systems or by the introduction of virus. WFG Vortex Solutions S.L is not liable for any damage that may be caused to users for misuse of WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites. In particular, it is not liable in any way whatsoever for any telecommunications crashes, interruptions, failures or faults that may occur while the user browses WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites.

Access and security

Access to transactional services and those, which include the capture of personal data, is conducted under a secure environment using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The secure server establishes a connexion so that the information is transmitted in an encrypted format. This ensures that the content is only understood by the client’s computer and the WFG Vortex Solutions S.L server. The user can verify that is within a secure environment if the status bar of his browser appears with a closed padlock. A certificate issued by our web services provider backs our server’s guarantee. This certificate guarantees that the client is communicating his/her data to an WFG Vortex Solutions S.L server and not to a third party, which may be attempting to simulate it.

Contents: update and changes on the Website

The information contained on WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites is that in force as of the date of their last update WFG Vortex Solutions S.L shall not be liable for the updating or suitability of the information contained therein.User may not alter, change, modify or adapt WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites. WFG Vortex Solutions S.L reserves the right to make few amendments, changes and modifications which may be deemed appropriate, being able to make use of this authority at any time and without notice.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites, their font code and the contents that are protected by the Intellectual Property Act cannot be exploited, reproduced, distributed, amended, publicly communicated, assigned or transformed, unless expressly authorized by the rights’ owners.The design, images, labels, distinctive signs, trade name, trademarks, logos, products and services contained in this site are protected by the Industrial Property Law.WFG Vortex Solutions S.L is the owner or licensee of all of the rights over the contents of WFG Vortex Solutions S.L Websites and legitimately holds their exploitation rights, except those rights certain suppliers with which has signed the corresponding contract for the provision of contents and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property Laws and rules, and they will be also applied, these conditions.Access to WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites does not grant Users any form of intellectual or industrial property right or ownership over its contents. Users cannot copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell the aforementioned elements or create new products or services resulting from the information obtained without express written authorization from the right holder.Any alteration in the contents or structure of WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites by the user is strictly forbidden.WFG Vortex Solutions S.L reserves the right to exercise relevant judicial or extra-judicial actions against users who violate or infringe intellectual and industrial property rights.


WFG Vortex Solutions S.LL Websites may include access links (hyperlinks or links) to other websites that WFG Vortex Solutions S.L does not own. Under no circumstances will this possibility imply the existence of a relationship between WFG Vortex Solutions S.L and the owner of the third-party website the above mentioned hyperlink takes you to. Neither will WFG Vortex Solutions S.L be responsible for the lawfulness of the contents posted there.Including a hyperlink to another third-party website on WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites is expressly forbidden, without its express authorization. In any case, this authorization will mean that the hyperlink will not damage the public image and WFG Vortex Solutions S.L brand or its own Web page image or damage any third party referenced therein. WFG Vortex Solutions S.L will remove any link upon becoming aware by any means of the wrongfulness of their content or from the same injure goods or rights of a third party.

Privacy policy

For further information about our data protection and privacy policy please consult our Privacy policy.


You need to use cookies to use our website. Their purpose is to facilitate browsing and to offer a personalized, seamless service as well as a statistical tool to obtain statistical information on the use of WFG Vortex Solutions S.L websites. Under no circumstances are they used to store information that may identify the user. For further information, please consult our Cookie policy.

Governing Law and Competent Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions that govern WFG Vortex Solutions S.L Websites and any resulting relationships are regulated by Spanish laws and regulations.

Any dispute that may result from accessing or using the Website is submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid (Spain).