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Real Time Products

Active Trader

Use Active Trade to explore what is really going on in the markets. Active Trade members have access to live prices, streaming charts and unlimited Level 2 real-time data as well as exclusive expert insight into the market and tools to build and test investment strategies.

Discover the tools available to Active Trader users


Real Time Terminal

  • Charting: The Share section gives comprehensive research on all UK Shares, Sectors and Indices.
  • Portfolios and Watchlist: your portfolio showing live streaming prices.

Daily portfolio email alerts

  • Heat Maps: View the price of companies in various indices and sectors at a glance.

Premium news

  • Performance tables: View the performance of companies in indices and sectors at a glance
  • Quote and Trades: is a quick way to find the latest price and trades information for your chosen company.
  • Use the Quick Quote tool to jump to the latest price & trades information for a company, or view its streaming chart.