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22 Jan
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Week ahead: US Q4 GDP and inflation data, global PMIs in focus

Investors' attention over the coming week was expected to be on a raft of economic releases in the US that were due to be published towards the end of the same.

22 Jan
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Sunday newspaper round-up: Coal-fired power plants, Metro Bank, Asda

National Grid has called on coal-fired power plants to prepare to supply power on Monday given that temperatures are expected to remain near zero even as wind speeds remain low. The notifications that they should be ready - if needed - were served to three coal units owned by Drax and EdF. The plants had been scheduled to close in September but that decision was pushed back until 2024 due to soaring gas prices in the wake of Russia's war on Ukraine. According to Bloomberg data, UK futures remain at over the twice the level typically seen at this time of the year.