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Bitcoin Price Parabolic Advance Continues Past $12,000

Bitcoin hit $12,000 for the first time in over a year after continuing its rapid growth.

25 Jun
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Germany: CDU and CSU Union to Integrate Blockchain Into Public Services

German CDU and CSU Union proposes the deployment of blockchain tech in public services.

25 Jun
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Europol Arrests Six People Allegedly Behind $27 Million Bitcoin Theft

Europol has arrested 6 individuals arrested in connection with a multimillion dollar theft with authorities claiming they stole bitcoin via typosquatting.

25 Jun
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Kraken Raises Over $13 Million In Its Latest Fundraising Round

Crypto exchange Kraken has raised $13. 5 million from 2264 investors in its latest fundraising round.

25 Jun
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US CFTC Approves LedgerX’s Application for Designation As Contract Market

The CFTC has approved U. S. -based regulated crypto derivatives platform LedgerX’s operation as a designated contract market.

25 Jun
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Republic of Abkhazia Develops Law Draft on Crypto Mining

Abkhazia’s Ministry of Economy has approved a bill on crypto mining and sent it to the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic.

25 Jun
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Iranian Government to Cut Off Power to Crypto Mining Until Approval of New Energy Prices

Iran plans to cut off power to crypto mining until new energy prices are approved, an official at Iran’s Ministry of Energy revealed.

25 Jun
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Walmart China Will Track Food in Supply Chain with Vechain's Thor Blockchain

Walmart China to monitor fresh food progress through the supply chain using Vechain’s Thor blockchain.

25 Jun
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You Can Now Get Bitcoin Rewards When Booking at Hotels.Com

Bitcoin rewards application Lolli adds Hotels. com as a new partner, allowing users to earn bitcoin from purchases online.

25 Jun
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French Central Bank: Facebook’s Libra May Need Banking License

Facebook’s Libra must comply with anti-money laundering regulation and needs banking licenses, according to the Bank of France Governor.

25 Jun
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JPMorgan Will Pilot ‘JPM Coin’ Stablecoin by End of 2019: Report

The U. S. largest bank, JPMorgan, expects to pilot its own cryptocurrency project JPM Coin around the end of 2019, Bloomberg reports.

25 Jun
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North America’s Largest Solar Bitcoin Mining Farm Coming to California

Plouton says it has chosen california to host a giant bitcoin mining facility.

25 Jun
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BTC, ETH, DAI Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps Launched By Liquality on Mainnet

P2P cryptocurrency solutions project Liquality has launched its interface for cross-chain atomic swaps between bitcoin, ether and stablecoin dai on the mainnet.

25 Jun
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No, It’s Not Facebook: Bitcoin Price Already Up 200% in 2019 Before Libra

Media fallacy wrongly identifies Facebook as main driver of bitcoin price surge.

25 Jun
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‘Hope it Makes Me Rich’ — Ex-Trump Advisor Joins Crypto ‘Central Bank’

Ex-Trump advisor and conservative economist Stephen Moore has joined a stablecoin project that aspires to function as a new type of central bank.

25 Jun
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Bitcoin Doubters ‘Having a Hard Time’ Continuing Doubting, Says Nexo Exec

Bitcoin doubters are having a really hard time, according to Nexo executive, Antoni Trenchev.

25 Jun
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New $35 Raspberry Pi is the Most Powerful Yet for Running a Full Bitcoin Node

The Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new, more powerful model of its miniscule single-board computer, which costs $35 a pop and can run full nodes on the bitcoin network.

25 Jun
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There Are Now More Than 5000 Bitcoin ATMs Around The World

As bitcoin price soars, the ATM market is hitting its own records this week.

25 Jun
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Circle CEO: ‘Non-Sovereign’ Bitcoin and Cryptos Will See Continued Growth

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire believes non-sovereign cryptos such as bitcoin will see continued growth despite the emergence of assets such as Facebook’s Libra and stablecoins.

25 Jun
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Bitcoin Breaks $200 Billion Market Cap For the First Time in 17 Months

Bitcoin is busy deleting the last traces of its 2018 bear market.