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Political News
17 Jan
nouvelle-semaine-decisive-pour-le-brexit-nous-ne-sommes-pas-tres-optimistes-dit-un-diplomate-de-l-ue 20191213122317
UK rules out automatic deportation of EU citizens post Brexit

Brussels's Brexit spokesman said on Friday that the UK had ruled out the option of automatically deporting citizens from the European Union that did not apply for settled status after Brexit.

16 Jan
Asda supermarket Walmart Totton
Asda begins trials for 'sustainability' store with refill points

Asda is partnering with well known UK food brands to create a “sustainability” store with refill points and recycling of plastic that aims to cut down on packaging.

16 Jan
No one at Seawave knew of loan from QIA to Lekoil, lawyers say

The plot around the fraudulent loan that sank shares of Nigerian oil company Lekoil thickened overnight after lawyers for the firm that allegedly brokered the transaction denied that it had played any role.

16 Jan
china eeuu acuerdo portada
US, China sign phase one of trade 'deal'

The US and China on Wednesday signed an agreement in the first phase of a deal designed to ease the long-running trade war between the two countries.

16 Jan
donald-trump-presidente-estados-unidos 0 20190918093114
Senate receives Trump impeachment articles

The US House of Representatives sent articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate on Wednesday, charging him with of abuse of power and obstructing a Congress investigation.

15 Jan
ep ilustracionla guerra comercialestados unidoschina
US and China ready to sign 'phase one' trade deal

The long-awaited phase one trade deal between the US and China is set to be signed on Wednesday although some reports that it might have less of an impact on financial markets than expected.

15 Jan
homes, houses, london
UK house prices gather pace - ONS

Prices in the UK housing market gathered pace in the build-up to the general election, with those in the capital ticking upwards for the first time after nearly two years of weak growth.

15 Jan
ep aerolineas del grupo iag
IAG lodges complaint with EU over Flybe rescue

British Airways owner IAG has complained to the European Union about the UK government’s decision to rescue struggling regional carrier Flybe.

15 Jan
hassan rouhani perfil
Iran threatens US and EU for military presence in the Middle East

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani made a veiled threat to the US and the European Union on local TV on Wednesday, blaming them for what he said were their multiple failures in upholding the 2015 nuclear agreement and because of their military presence in the Middle East.

15 Jan
Debt rises sharply among lower income UK households - Resolution Foundation

Low-income households have seen a sharp rise in their debt since the financial crisis and could be too exposed to financial shocks, warned the Resolution Foundation in a new report on Wednesday.

15 Jan
jeff bezos amazon noticias
Jeff Bezos to invest $1bn in Indian companies

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon, has unveiled a $1. 0bn investment to help small Indian businesses digitalise.

15 Jan
flybe  atr 72 500  ei rem  27321615950
Flybe averts collapse after govt, shareholders strike deal

British regional carrier Flybe was saved from collapse on Tuesday night after the government and airline's shareholders reached a deal to keep it in the air.

14 Jan
Flybe Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft, air travel, transport
UK govt considers air duty cut to save Flybe

UK government officials were set to meet on Tuesday in an attempt to save regional air carrier Flybe from collapse with a potential cut in flying taxes on the table.

14 Jan
US CPI rate unchanged in December, as expected

The cost of living in the US rose as expected last month despite sharp increases in prices for medical care commodities and services, thus eliciting scant reaction from economists.

14 Jan
boris, johnson, boris johnson, london
Johnson says he would back 'Trump deal' to replace 2015 Iran nuclear accord

Britain's Prime Minister said that he would support a deal negotiated by Trump to replace the 2015 nuclear accord.

14 Jan
PM formally rejects calls for second referendum on Scottish independence

The prime minister Boris Johnson has formally rejected calls by the Scottish National Party for a second independence referendum.

14 Jan
BlackRock pledges to put climate first as it flags 'fundamental reshaping' of finance

BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager, has pledged to put the climate at the heart of its investment strategy, including shunning some coal miners.

14 Jan
Britain, France and UK trigger Iran deal's dispute resolution mechanism

Britain, France and Germany triggered the so-called dispute mechanism contained in the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

14 Jan
US takes China off currency manipulators list

The US government dropped its designation of China as a currency manipulator as both sides moved towards a trade deal.