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22 Mar
theresa may donald tusk euco summit brexit
EU takes control of Brexit date as May flounders at summit

Theresa May lost control of the Brexit departure date on Thursday as EU leaders agreed a short postponement despite an appeal for a three month delay from the British prime minister.

21 Mar
theresa may dec 12
Business and unions call for May to change course on Brexit

Britain's employers and unions have called on Theresa May to abandon her uncompromising stance and seek consensus to avoid a “reckless” no-deal Brexit, while European Union leaders convened to decide on her request for an extension.

21 Mar
theresa may pm brexit
May blames MPs for Brexit delay in attempt to sway public

UK Prime Minister Theresa May infuriated MPs when she blamed them for the delay to Brexit in a blatant and risky attempt to turn public opinion against parliament.

20 Mar
EU will only grant Brexit extension if May wins MPs approval - Tusk

Theresa May's request for a short Article 50 delay got a cold shoulder from European Union counterparts on Wednesday, while Parliament held an emergency Brexit debate.

20 Mar
theresa may brexit portada
Pound plunges as EU rebuffs May's call for short Brexit delay

Theresa May on Wednesday told the House of Commons that she is "not prepared to delay Brexit any further than the 30 June" but reports leaking from the European Union suggested otherwise.

20 Mar
Dutch coalition government may lose Senate majority to eurosceptics

Holland's coalition government is at risk of losing its Senate majority in provincial elections due to be held on Wednesday evening as the Eurosceptic Forum for Democracy climbs in the polls.

19 Mar
theresa may article 50
Brexit: May will write to Tusk to request extension

Theresa May will write to European Council president Donald Tusk to request a delay to the Brexit deadline, Downing Street confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.

18 Mar
parliament house of commons speaker john bercow
Brexit: Speaker rules out third meaningful vote

Theresa May cannot bring her Brexit deal back for a third 'meaningful vote', the House of Commons speaker ruled on Monday, sending the pound plummeting again.

18 Mar
ep brexit
Brexit: Pound slides on doubts over No10's prospect of success

Currency markets were pessimistic on Monday that Theresa May can pull a Brexit rabbit from the hat as she tries to bring sceptical backbenchers and Northern Ireland’s DUP round to supporting her exit deal.

18 Mar
European Central Bank, euro, ECB, eurozone, single currency
EU trade surplus with US rises to more than €11bn

The European Union’s trade surplus with the United States continued to rise in January, further underlining tensions between Brussels and Washington.

18 Mar
pound sterling fiver inflation spending
UK businesses cut growth expectations

The British Chambers of Commerce trimmed its growth expectations for the UK economy due to the continued Brexit uncertainty.

18 Mar
cash money sterling pound
UK universal basic income possible at 2010 spending levels - think tank

Universal basic income could be achieved in the UK at the same level of benefit spending seen in 2010, according to a report from the Compass think tank.

15 Mar
theresa may brexit deal
Tories meet DUP to nail down support for Brexit deal

The UK government is locked in talks with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party to seek backing for Theresa May's Brexit plan ahead of a third 'meaningful vote' next Tuesday.

15 Mar
Brexiter MPs reject Cox's backstop get-out clause

Eurosceptics in parliament have rejected attorney general Geoffrey Cox’ latest legal advice on the Irish backstop, which was updated in order to try and finally get a divorce deal through parliament.

15 Mar
north korea kimjongun nuclear
Kim Jong Un may halt nuclear negotiations with 'gangster-like' US

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is close to deciding whether to halt denuclearisation talks with the US after President Donald Trump walked away from negotiations in February, according to a North Korean diplomat.

14 Mar
brexit theresa may jean claude juncker
ERG plans to ensure original Brexit date is upheld

Eurosceptic European Research Group brexiteer Steve Baker has said that he has plans to ensure the UK leaves the European Union on the original Brexit date, 29 March.

14 Mar
trump xi acuerdo progresa
Trump says 'no rush' to sign trade deal as China presses for state visit

US President Donald Trump said late on Wednesday that he is in “no rush” to sign a pact with China and that he would walk away from talks if any new trade deal is not to his liking.

14 Mar
ep boeing 737
Boeing grounds 737 Max fleet after new evidence on Ethiopia crash

American regulators changed tack on Thursday, ordering that all Boeing 737 Max aircraft in the US be grounded after investigators uncovered new evidence at the scene of the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash that took place on Sunday.

14 Mar
house commons parliament vote
MPs to vote on ruling out second referendum, cancelling MV3

As well as voting on whether to extend the Brexit deadline, MPs will on Thursday also decide whether to allow Theresa May a third meaningful vote on her Brexit deal.

14 Mar
Trump seeks 'large scale' trade deal with UK post Brexit

Donald Trump has flagged up his hopes for a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK, as British politicians continued to fight over the country’s departure from the European Union.