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Hot/cold Sectors
31 Mar
Sector movers: Oil and Commodity stocks pace gains

Big Oil and Industrials Metals & Mining paced gains in the stock market despite it being another mixed session for the broader FTSE 350.

29 Mar
Sector movers: Defence and energy pace losses at the start of the week

Aerospace&Defence and Oil&Gas paced declines at the start of the week in a mixed session for FTSE 350 shares.

23 Mar
Sector movers: Oil&Gas paces gains

Oil&Gas topped the leaderboard in the middle of the week following news overnight that the US administration was set to propose fresh sanctions on Moscow at the back-to-back meetings of NATO, the G-7 and European Union council that were scheduled for Thursday.

22 Mar
hsbc dl
Sector movers: Banks and insurers track gains in government bond yields

Lenders' and insurers' shares paced gains on Tuesday as a top US central bank official laid out the case for moving "faster" to hike short-term interest rates.

21 Mar
saudi dl rastanura ship terminal brent oil crude
Sector movers: Geopolitical tensions, sanctions talk bolsters commodity plays

Commodity and oil stocks paced gains on a mixed day for London equities as hopes that a cease-fire in Ukraine might be around the corner ebbed.

17 Mar
Sector movers: OIl&Gas stocks pace gains

Oil&Gas stocks caught a bid on Thursday after the Kremlin labelled reports of "significant" progress in peace talks with Kyiv as "wrong".

16 Mar
Sector movers: Autos&Parts and Personal goods pace gains on hopes for Ukraine peace, China stimulus

Automobile & Parts continued to be buffeted by the headlines coming out of Ukraine, although in this case to the upside.

15 Mar
Sector movers: Cyclicals dragged lower by uncertainty around Ukraine conflict

Cyclicals dragged on the market on Tuesday amid a big drop in Auto and Parts stocks as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine, which some analysts expected would seriously crimp output across the entire Continent due to the absence of certain components produced in the Eastern European country.

14 Mar
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Sector movers: Home builders pace gains, Evraz drags on Industrial Metals and Mining

Households Goods and Home Construction shares bounced to the top of the leaderboard at the start of the week, following a report at the weekend that the bill to remedy unsafe cladding on buildings between 11-18m high could be less than £1bn and not the £4bn claimed by the government.

11 Mar
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Sector movers: Sellers caught on the hop by Putin's remarks

Short sellers were caught on the hop heading into the weekend by positive remarks from the Russian President regarding the talks held with Ukrainian negotiators the day before, in Turkey.

10 Mar
antalya dl turkey
Sector movers: Construction and Autos hit as risk aversion rises again

Some of the cyclical areas of the market that led the previous day's rally gave back some of their gains as negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey failed to deliver any results.

09 Mar
kiev dl ukraine
Sector movers: Cyclicals rally as investors spy possible ray of hope

Stocks snapped higher as investors spied a possible ray of hope amid the grim tragedy that is the war in Ukraine.

08 Mar
washington dc dl jefferson memorial
Sector movers: Oil and Gas shares top leaderboard again

Oil and Gas shares topped the leaderboard again on Tuesday as Washington and London announced bans on the importation of Russian oil.

07 Mar
Sector movers: Oil and Gas shares pace gains

Oil and Gas shares paced gains in the stock market at the start of the week amid reports that the US might be nearer to imposing a ban on Russian oil exports.