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30 Aug
US consumer sentiment sees largest one-month drop in seven years, UofM says

US consumer sentiment failed to rebound in the final half of August amid many Americans' concern of falling off the proverbial 'tariff cliff', according to the results of a closely-followed survey.

30 Aug
BofA-ML sees 'contrarian' signal to buy shares, despite risk of bond bubble bursting

A widely-followed market timing indicator flipped into a 'buy' signal on Thursday, pointing to better than even odds, albeit not by much, of a near-term rally in stocks, although bonds were most likely set for a correction.

30 Aug
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UK lending to individuals and businesses softens in July

Lending to UK consumers and businesses slowed further in July, although mortgage lending held up.

30 Aug
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ECB's Lautenschlager argues against restarting QE

Sabine Lautenschlager became the third member in as many days at the end of the week to argue against the European Central Bank restarting its quantitative easing programme, saying that there were no signs yet of deflation and warning of the risk of 'moral hazard' by setting the wrong incentives for governments.

30 Aug
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House prices grow less than 1% for ninth month in a row

Annual house price growth across the UK remained below 1% for a ninth consecutive month in August as political and economic uncertainties weighed on potential buyers.

29 Aug
US Q2 GDP buoyed by very strong consumption, revised data show

The US economy slowed by only a smidgen more than originally thought during the second quarter, revised data showed, but only thanks to the strongest showing for the American consumer in over half a decade, which was more than offset by downwards revisions to most of the other components of aggregate demand.

29 Aug
China lodges protest over new US tariffs but refrains from immediate response

China lodged a formal protest against the latest round of trade tariffs announced by the US but said that for the moment being it would refrain from a like-for-like response, although a meeting between trade officials from both sides in September had yet to be confirmed.

28 Aug
No confidence vote and early UK elections still most likely scenario, ING says

Westminster's decision to to suspend Parliament meant the withdrawal process would go down to the wire, raising the odds of the UK crashing out of the European Union without a deal "slightly", but a no-confidence vote that led to another Article 50 extension and new elections remained the most likely outcome - but only "narrowly" - analysts at ING said.

23 Aug
Monetary policy may not be ideal tool against trade disruptions, Fed's Powell says

Monetary policy might not be the best tool to address the impact of trade wars, although it might help to offset some of their effects, which might prove to be transitory, the head of the world's most important central bank, the US Federal Reserve, said.

22 Aug
Fed's Harker does not see need for more stimulus right now

At least a second top US central bank official argued in favour of staying put on interest rates on Thursday.

22 Aug
Fed's George not ready to vote in favour of rate cuts

A top US central bank official made the case against further interest rate cuts so long as the American economy was growing at a pace near what rate-setters' forecast, pointing out that the costs associated with unwarranted policy easing.

22 Aug
ECB sees potential need for fiscal stimulus to buttress growth

Policymakers at the European Central Bank put in motion preparations for further monetary stimulus when they last met, although they believed that if the Eurozone economy deteriorated significantly more then it would be national governments' turn to step in with higher spending, the minutes of their most recent policy meeting revealed.

22 Aug
china usa
China vows retaliation against any US wrong tariff action

China's Commerce Ministry said on Thursday that it hopes the United States will stop its wrongful tariff actions, warning that Beijing would retaliate for any new levies.

21 Aug
Investors balk at German 30-year debt at negative yields

Investors balked at an attempt by Berlin to sell 30-year bonds at negative rates.

21 Aug
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Bank to cut rates by 50 basis points after 'no deal' Brexit, Barclays says

The Bank of England would most likely be forced to cut rates again before the middle of next year after Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, leading to a jump in prices that would wallop the economy.

19 Aug
German economy may dip into recession in Q3, Bundesbank says

The Eurozone's largest economy may be set to fall into a recession, according to Germany' central bank.

19 Aug
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US Commerce Department set to renew temporary Huawei license, Ross says

The US Department of Commerce will extend its temporary general licence for Chinese telecommunications equipment giant, Huawei, for another 90 days.

16 Aug
German government ready to incur in deficit spending

The German government will break its self-imposed prohibition on so-called deficit spending if the economy falls into recession.

16 Aug
ep olli rehnluisguindos
ECB's Rehn tells WSJ any new easing must be 'significant and impactful'

A top European Central Bank official argued at the end of the week for the monetary authority to err on the side of caution and deliver a larger than expected does of monetary stimulus when policymakers next met.

16 Aug
Housing, housebuilding, homes, construction
US housing starts beat forecasts in July

Residential building activity slowed a tad last month, but not in the key segment of single-family homes and a lead indicator for the sector outpaced economists' expectations.