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02 Aug
durex preservativo lote
Sunday share tips: Reckitt Benckiser, ITV

Despite the sag in Durex in sales during the first half at Reckitt Benckiser's, the Mail on Sunday's Rosie Murray-West told readers to 'hold' onto the shares.

02 Aug
bt, openreach, cable, broadband, internet
Sunday newspaper round-up: BT Group, Big Lenders, Travel firms

Could a French telecoms billionaire be circling BT's Openreach arm? The mutter from the City gutter is that the secretive Patrick Drahi has set his sights on the division that maintains Britain's telephone lines and internet cables. Drahi, a powerful dealmaker, now resides in Switzerland but made his fortune in France building telecoms groups Altice. The rumour claims that one of the Altice companies Drahi controls – perhaps Altice USA – has secured financial backing from heavyweight bankers at JP Morgan with a view to paying £20billion for the unit.