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Sunday share tips: Judges Scientific, Sureserve

Investors in Judges Scientific should hold on to a "decent" amount of their shares in the company, even if they may be tempted to take some profits now at 8,500. 0p, the Financial Mail on Sunday's Midas column said.

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Sunday newspaper round-up: Globalisation, Bank of England, Next

The Bank of England has blamed, not without reason, Vladimir Putin's murderous invasion of Ukraine and the attendant energy price shock for much of the current spike in prices. Yet any chief executive worthy of the job should be preparing against the risk of another shock, that brought on from Western disengagement from China. The price stability of the last 30 years was in large measure the result of the disinflation resulting from technology and globalisation. The West in effect traded its economic resilience for cheap prices and the supposed efficiencies of 'just-in-time' global supply chains.