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Monday newspaper round-up: Bond Street, Sky, Hinkley Point, Holland & Barrett

Monday newspaper round-up: Bond Street, Sky, Hinkley Point, Holland & Barrett

Mon, 26 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - The status of Bond Street as the UK's most exclusive shopping destination is under threat, as one in four retailers on the famous street consider shutting up shop and moving out as ... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: TTIP, Saudi Aramco, Theresa May

Monday newspaper round-up: TTIP, Saudi Aramco, Theresa May

Mon, 26 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Talks to conclude a trade deal between the United States and European Union will resume after the German elections in September, America's chief trade negotiator has said. Robert Li... [more]

Sunday newspaper round-up: RBS, Hinkley Point C, Sky

Sunday newspaper round-up: RBS, Hinkley Point C, Sky

Mon, 26 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Royal Bank of Scotland is to cut 443 jobs in Britain as the bank moves its team that arranges loans for small businesses to India. The taxpayer-controlled bank said that the roles w... [more]

Friday newspaper round-up: Hinkley Point, Halfords Boss, oil prices

Friday newspaper round-up: Hinkley Point, Halfords Boss, oil prices

Fri, 23 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Generations of British consumers have been locked into a "risky and expensive" project by the UK's subsidy deal for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, accordi... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: Brexit, Google and Facebook, Diageo, SFO

Thursday newspaper round-up: Brexit, Google and Facebook, Diageo, SFO

Thu, 22 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - The price of British strawberries could rise by more than a third if the UK cannot ensure access to European workers after Brexit, farmers have warned. Producers have called on the ... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: Uber, Gemfields, Barclays boss, GVC

Wed, 21 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick resigned from his position as chief executive of the $68bn ride-hailing app on Tuesday, following a tumultuous six months of scandal. Kalanick steppe... [more]

Tuesday newspaper round-up: Brexit talks, May days, inequality gap, Barclays

Tue, 20 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - David Davis bowed to European demands that Britain agree the principle of its multibillion-pound Brexit bill before talks on a new trade agreement can begin, as formal negotiations ... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: brutal Brexit, soft Brexit, boomer boost, Co-op

Mon, 19 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - European leaders fear that Theresa May's government is too fragile to negotiate viable terms on which to leave the union, meaning the discussions that officially begin on Monday cou... [more]

Sunday newspaper round-up: Sainsbury's, Nisa Retail, Brexit, Lloyds, Jaguar Land Rover

Sun, 18 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Sainsbury's is closing in on a takeover of Nisa Retail, the member-owned convenience store group - but is set to face a rebellion from independent shopkeepers opposed to its demutua... [more]

Friday newspaper round-up: Greece, Morrisons, FirstGroup

Fri, 16 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - For the best part of a decade, Greece has wanted to become a "normal" country, and late on Thursday it appeared to begin that process, after creditors agreed to disburse €8.5bn... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: May-DUP talks, Hammond speech, AIM, BAE

Thu, 15 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Theresa May's hopes of securing the support of the Democratic Unionist Party for her minority government were faltering last night as the Treasury dug in against the costs of a deal... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: Euro clearing, BP, VW, Jaeger

Wed, 14 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Technology companies such as Google and Facebook must do more to curb the "poisonous propaganda" that fuels terror attacks such as the atrocities in London and Manchester, the prime... [more]

Tuesday newspaper round-up: 'Credit impulse', soft Brexit, end of austerity

Tue, 13 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - The global 'credit impulse' has fallen as dramatically over recent months as it did during the onset of the Lehman crisis, signalling serious headwinds for the world economy and ass... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: Household spending, Brexit plans, Brexit delay

Mon, 12 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Squeezed British households have cut back their spending for the first time in almost four years, according to figures that underscore the pressures from rising prices and political... [more]

Sunday newspaper round-up: Election fallout, Brexit, insurers, energy companies, BP

Sun, 11 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Sterling, the market's usual prism for viewing the UK's departure from the European Union, fell 2% on Friday but the pound is still higher than it was on the morning of 18 April, th... [more]

Friday newspaper headlines: Election reaction, Dodd-Frank, HSBC, Aramco

Fri, 09 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - A humiliated Theresa May called today for a "period of stability" as she was urged to resign after her gamble on a snap election backfired. A hung parliament was inevitable after th... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: House prices, Berendsen, WPP, Philip Green

Thu, 08 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Oil industry company Halliburton has been branded "obscene" for advertising unpaid UK internships, which critics say give an unfair advantage to people from privileged backgrounds. ... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: Airlines, Burberry, Tesco

Wed, 07 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Airline bosses should apologise instantly, roll up their sleeves and join the passengers next time they suffer a British Airways-style PR crisis, executives have advised. Speaking a... [more]

Tuesday newspaper round-up: Rents, EU-US trade, tourism, gas

Tue, 06 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - Average UK rents have fallen for the first time in more than seven years, with London seeing the biggest decline, according to new data. The slowdown in the rental sector mirrors a ... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: Rate sensitivity, manufacturers, cars, sugar war

Mon, 05 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - One in 25 businesses, or nearly 80,000 enterprises, would struggle to handle an increase in interest rates of as little as a quarter of a percentage point, according to research by ... [more]

Sunday newspaper round-up: Tesco, RBS, Ocado, Aramco, Wood Group

Sun, 04 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - After a terrorist attack on London Bridge where seven people were killed, over 40 injured and three attackers shot deal, campaigning in the general election was halted for the secon... [more]

Friday newspaper round-up: Tax evasion, M&S, BoE

Fri, 02 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - The richest 0.01% of households, involving those with more than £31m assets, evade paying 30% of their taxes on average, according to an academic study of tax evasion based on data ... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: BA, Deliveroo, UK growth, AkzoNobel

Thu, 01 June 2017

(ShareCast News) - The IT shutdown that led to chaos for British Airways was caused by an "uncontrolled return of power" following an outage that physically damaged servers at its data centre, the air... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: poll shock, Ladbrokes, Allied Irish, BT

Wed, 31 May 2017

(ShareCast News) - The Conservative Party could be in line to lose 20 seats and Labour gain nearly 30 in next week's general election, according to new modelling by one of the country's leading pollst... [more]

Tuesday newspaper round-up: Clearing clash, ports puzzle, CBI criticism

Tue, 30 May 2017

(ShareCast News) - One of the eurozone's top central bankers has stepped up the campaign to claim the City's lucrative euro-clearing business by declaring that it is impossible for it to remain in Lon... [more]