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Friday newspaper round-up: NHS, House prices, Energy supply, Google

Friday newspaper round-up: NHS, House prices, Energy supply, Google

Fri, 26 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - NHS bosses throughout England are quietly drawing up plans for hospital closures, cutbacks and radical changes to the way healthcare is delivered in an attempt to meet spiralling de... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: Apple tax, Sports Direct, Panama Canal

Thursday newspaper round-up: Apple tax, Sports Direct, Panama Canal

Thu, 25 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The US has launched a stinging attack on Brussels' tax investigations into Apple and other companies in an escalation of the transatlantic battle over alleged EU targeting of US mul... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: Fund outflows, North Sea Union, Berkeley Group

Wednesday newspaper round-up: Fund outflows, North Sea Union, Berkeley Group

Wed, 24 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The immediate fallout from Brexit yielded the biggest outflow of funds from investment managers for at least three years in July as UK investors preferred to put their cash into saf... [more]

Tuesday newspaper round-up: British household debt, gender pay gap, China policy

Tuesday newspaper round-up: British household debt, gender pay gap, China policy

Tue, 23 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Britain is facing a debt time bomb with more than 1.5 million households barely able to cover the interest payments on their personal loans, according to the TUC. The problem has ba... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: Brexit chaos, Nigeria oil, house prices, ITV-ETO

Monday newspaper round-up: Brexit chaos, Nigeria oil, house prices, ITV-ETO

Mon, 22 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Leaving the EU may not not happen anytime soon given that civil servants charged with the task don't yet have an office and hold meetings in Starbucks. Some estimates suggest "full ... [more]

Friday newspaper round-up: Hinkley Point, energy bills, Deutsche Bank

Fri, 19 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Britain would be foolish to turn its back on the "golden era" of relations with China, Beijing's official news agency has claimed, dismissing concerns over Chinese involvement in th... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: British unis, Sage Group, cancer drugs

Thu, 18 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The value of commercial tie-ups between British universities and businesses has risen by more than 6 per cent to £4.2bn year-on-year, as higher education bodies seek out other ventu... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: Apple, wind farm, tax avoidance

Wed, 17 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Apple plans to open its first research and development centre in China later this year, the latest in a series of steps to bolster its presence in a vital region as sales slow down.... [more]

Newspaper round-up: More Brexit worries, pension schemes, BT, sugar tax

Tue, 16 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The pound dropped close to its lowest levels since the Brexit vote as markets braced themselves for hard evidence this week that the UK economy has been knocked off course by the de... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: DS Smith, Sage, ITV, Lifetime Isa, house prices

Mon, 15 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - One of Britain's leading captains of industry is to warn the new Brexit minister that he may be forced to relocate his £4 billion UK-based manufacturing group to the Continent if th... [more]

Sunday newspaper round-up: Brexit in 2019, bank regulation, ITV, William Hill

Sun, 14 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Britain could remain in the EU until late 2019, almost a year later than predicted, ministers have privately warned senior figures in the City of London. Theresa May has been expect... [more]

Friday newspaper round-up: Tata Steel, Hinckley Point C, Gatwick

Fri, 12 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The business secretary flew to India for a secret meeting with the head of Tata Steel amid growing concern over the future of the Port Talbot steelworks. Greg Clark met Cyrus Mistry... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: UK housing, energy, Hinkley Point

Thu, 11 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The number of homes on the market hit a record low in July as house price growth slumped on the uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit referendum. The level of market activity, such... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: City jobs freeze, falling land prices, 'heatwave' boost

Wed, 10 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The City jobs market is in the doldrums as a result of the Brexit referendum, as banks and other finance firms freeze hiring amid the economic uncertainty. The number of new jobs on... [more]

Tuesday newspaper round-up: China warning, retailers, EDF threat, EU deal

Tue, 09 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - China has issued its sternest warning yet to the UK that bilateral ties stand at a "crucial historical juncture" over London's deferral of an £18bn nuclear power project. Liu Xiaomi... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: Lloyds, new post-Brexit data, banks

Mon, 08 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Thousands of retail investors are likely to be denied the chance of buying shares in Lloyds Banking Group at a discount as the government is expected to abandon the plan in the afte... [more]

Sunday newspaper round-up: Interest rates, EU single market, IHG, Poundland

Sun, 07 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Savers face five more years of record-low returns, with investors betting that the Bank of England will not undo last week's interest rate cut before the end of the decade. City tra... [more]

Friday newspaper round-up: BoE, BoE, BoE

Fri, 05 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The Bank of England has done everything possible under the constraints of monetary orthodoxy to cushion the Brexit shock. It is now up to the British government to save the economy,... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: Brexit, corporation tax, UK supermarkets

Thu, 04 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The French are blasé about Brexit while Swedes are more saddened than others in Europe by the UK's vote to exit the EU, according to a survey. A 16-country poll by Ipsos Mori showed... [more]

Wednesday newspaper round-up: BoE, UK visa rush, London property, Tesco

Wed, 03 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The Bank of England's rate setters on Thursday will offer their latest assessment on the outlook for the British economy. Coming seven weeks after the country's vote for Brexit, mon... [more]

Tuesday newspaper round-up: Brexit fear, BoE warning, oil prices, cost of degrees

Tue, 02 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - The vast majority of investment industry executives fear Brexit will harm the City of London, and most believe it will damage the rest of the country too - potentially leading to th... [more]

Monday newspaper round-up: Banks, BoE, Morrison's, BT

Mon, 01 August 2016

(ShareCast News) - Britain's top bank bosses believe an interest rate cut this week is not the best way to boost the economy, arguing instead for alternative options such as investment incentives. Mar... [more]

Sunday newspaper round-up: SAB Miller, BoE, US elections

Sun, 31 July 2016

(ShareCast News) - The maker of Budweiser is this weekend scrambling to find enough support among SAB Miller shareholders to ensure it can buy the FTSE 100 brewer for £79bn. Anheuser-Busch InBev, whic... [more]

Friday newspaper round-up: Monte dei Paschi, Hinkley Point, Lloyds

Fri, 29 July 2016

(ShareCast News) - Corrado Passera, the veteran Italian businessman and former industry minister, has teamed up with Swiss bank UBS to present a last-ditch alternative rescue proposal to the board of ... [more]

Thursday newspaper round-up: EU customs union, RBS, oil glut, London City Airport

Thu, 28 July 2016

(ShareCast News) - Theresa May is under growing pressure from Liam Fox, the trade secretary, to pull out of the EU customs union, a move required to facilitate post-Brexit bilateral trade deals but wh... [more]